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Black Tie Prince


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Product Description

Black Tie is a custom-made white wicker basket decorated with a detachable & wearable black satin adjustable neck bow tie and prince crown, white ruffle trim, and black buttons. The basket includes  a plush Easter bunny, Easter bunny lollipops, Easter paddle w/ball, candy filled Easter eggs, polka dot metal yo-yo, fun size starburst, Welch’s mixed fruit snacks, Hershey’s pastel miniature chocolate, lemonheads, mini plastic Easter camera, stamps, skittles, rice krispie treats, Easter animal cookies, pull back race car, chocolate covered marshmallow bunny, gushers, Brach’s candy, and Easter bubble gum tape.

  • Made to order in 2 days
  • Prices are subject to change
  • for ages 3-10

Basket Presentation:

Each gift basket item is carefully assembled and  shrink wrapped

Basket Dimensions:

9″ x 9″ x 4″


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